Schlage ALX70B-RHO Rhodes Classroom Door Lever Set -Less Small Format Interchangeable Core

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Schlage ALX70B-RHO Rhodes Classroom Door Lever Set Less Small Format Interchangeable Core


Schlage ALX70B-SAT-626 Saturn Classroom Satin Chrome Lever


Schlage ALX Series is modular in design creating new ways to order, configure and utilize a lock. Whether purchased configured or as chassis, function, and lever kits, you gain extreme installation simplicity, exceptional durability, expanded cylinder support, and maximum flexibility.

The proven AL Series has evolved to ALX.
As a Grade 2 lock, the AL Series has always offered a combination of strength and durability alongside Schlage trusted key system options at a price point favorable to any application. Though these qualities remain, the lock has changed. ALX Series' features now deliver flexibility and value beyond strength and security. X Factor qualities, born from modular design, define a lock that exceeds expectations.

Classroom lock
Cylinder outside; plain lever inside; deadlatch. Key
locks or unlocks outside lever. Field selectable
feature. Inside lever always free for
immediate egress

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